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Investor Relations

Annual General Meeting of the Shareholders

Thursday June 27, 2019
1:30PM, CDT

At Novra’s offices:
900-330 St. Mary Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba, R3C 325


Transfer Agent

Computershare Trust Company of Canada
510 Burrard Street, 2nd Floor
Vancouver, BC, V6C 3B9

Relationship Manager: Billy Chau
Tel: (604) 661-9484

Latest News

Novra Q2 2020 Earnings Release

NOVRA ANNOUNCES SECOND QUARTER 2020 FINANCIAL RESULTS Winnipeg, MB – (Newsfile Corp. – Aug 31, 2020): Novra Technologies Inc. (“Novra”) (TSX-V: NVI) today announced its financial results for the second quarter of 2020. All amounts are in Canadian dollars unless otherwise noted.

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Upcoming Events

The table includes all news releases since the formation of the Novra Group in June 2016.

News Release Date Filed Format Size
Press Release NOVRA JUL21, 2020 - for release PDF 698.39KB
Novra Q1 2020 Earnings Release PDF 885.87KB
Novra Press Release Year End 2019 PDF 260.89KB
2019_Q3_Novra Technologies Financial Results Press Release PDF 893.35KB
Press Release IDC-Novra Group Selected by MVS Mexico PDF 91.91KB
Novra Group Announces New Digital Signage Order: Wellness Network Upgrades and Expands PDF 204.31KB
International Datacasting and Wegener Products Nominated for Prestigious “Product of the Year” Award at NAB Show 2019 PDF 250.98KB
Novra Group Announces Strong Broadcast Radio Orders, Including a New $2.7M Contract PDF 267.18KB blog post Novra Technologies PDF 360.49KB
Novra Q3 2018 Earnings Release PDF 453.89KB
Novra - Q2 2018 Earnings Release PDF 450.05KB
Novra Technologies Announces Appointment to the Board of Directors PDF 299.08KB
Novra Q1 2018 Earnings PDF 446.68KB
Novra Announces Q4 and FY 2017 Financial Results PDF 686.11KB
New Orders and Backlog PDF 238.37KB
International Datacasting Selected by Televisa Radio for New Advanced Network PDF 157.99KB
INVESTORFILE: Novra Technologies is getting bigger and the stock is a value buy PDF 603.57KB
Novra Announces Departure of CFO and Management Realignment PDF 70.58KB
Novra announces Closing of Controlling Interest in Wegener Corporation PDF 603.93KB
Novra CEO’s Performance Review and Compenstation PDF 298.47KB
Novra to Acquire Controlling Interest in Wegener Corporation PDF 609.22KB
Novra - Q3 2017 Earnings Release PDF 771.29KB
Resilient radio fuels IDC growth PDF 121.27KB
Novra Announces Profitable Q2 2017 PDF 747.65KB
Novra Announces Stock Option Grant PDF 75.54KB
Novra Announces Profitable Q1 2017 PDF 743.4KB
Novra Announces Stock Option Grant PDF 389.21KB
Novra Announces Q4 and FY 2016 Financial Results PDF 756.58KB
IDC Spotlights New Products, Projects, and Partnerships at NAB 2017 Event PDF 45.02KB
IDC and Datapath Announce Cybersecurity Partnership PDF 92.34KB
Novra Announces Closing of Private Placement PDF 491.92KB
IDC Announces New LASER Video Broadcast Network in Mexico PDF 396.82KB
Novra Announces Q3 2016 Financial Results, $5.3 million Sales Order Backlog and Proposed Private Placement PDF 902.4KB
IDC Announces $1.3 million Encryption System Order from U.S. Defense Contractor PDF 400.18KB
Novra Announces Q2 2016 Results PDF 720.41KB
IDC Announces $3 million in Orders Related to Recent Radio Network Contract PDF 86.74KB
IDC Wins Multi-Million Dollar Contract for Major National Radio Network PDF 220.13KB
Novra Announces Changes to Management Team PDF 459.06KB
IDC Announces New Radio Network and Data Network Orders PDF 111.77KB
Novra and IDC Announce Closing of Merger PDF 345.61KB

Here you will find a summary of Novra’s latest financial information.

Quarterly Filings Date Filed Format Size
MD&A - Q2 2020 08/31/2020 PDF 477.54KB
Unaudited interim financials - Q2 2020 08/31/2020 PDF 1.11MB
MD&A - Q1 2020 07/15/2020 PDF 1.01MB
Unaudited interim financials - Q1 2020 07/15/2020 PDF 1.1MB
MD&A - Q3 2019 11/29/2019 PDF 1.26MB
Unaudited interim financials - Q3 2019 11/29/2019 PDF 967.56KB
MD&A - Q2 2019 08/29/2019 PDF 1.4MB
Unaudited interim financials - Q2 2019 08/29/2019 PDF 1.06MB
Novra MD&A - Q1 2019 05/31/2019 PDF 677.28KB
Unaudited interim financials - Q1 2019 05/31/2019 PDF 1.05MB
Novra MDA Q3 2018 11/29/2018 PDF 832.49KB
Unaudited Interim Fnancials - Q3 2018 11/29/2018 PDF 1.31MB
Novra MDA Q2 2018 08/29/2018 PDF 823.74KB
Unaudited interim financials - Q2 2018 08/29/2018 PDF 219.96KB
Novra MDA Q1 2018 05/30/2018 PDF 917.68KB
Unaudited interim financials - Q1 2018 05/30/2018 PDF 682.13KB
Novra MDA Q3 2017 11/29/2017 PDF 1.19MB
Unaudited interim financials - Q3 2017 11/29/2017 PDF 1.04MB
MD&A - Q3 2017 11/29/2017 PDF 1.17MB
Unaudited interim financials - Q2 2017 08/29/2017 PDF 679.66KB
MD&A - Q2 2017 08/29/2017 PDF 1.17MB
MD&A - Q1 2017 05/30/2017 PDF 1.14MB
Unaudited interim financials - Q1 2017 05/30/2017 PDF 1.03MB
Annual Filings Date Filed Format Size
Audited consolidated financial statements - Year 2019 06/15/2020 PDF 1.88MB
MD&A - 2017 04/30/2018 PDF 974.26KB
Audited consolidated financial statements - Year 2017 04/30/2018 PDF 1.73MB
MD&A - Year 2016 05/01/2017 PDF 1.19MB
Audited consolidated financial statements - Year 2016 05/01/2017 PDF 618.59KB
MD&A - Year 2019 06/15/2020 PDF 538.45KB

Other historical MD&A’s and financials are available on SEDAR (

Novra Group is followed by the following analysts:

Fundamental Research Corp

Siddarth Rajeev, B.Tech, MBA, CFA


Tel: 604-682-7050

Fundamental Research Corp.

Disclaimer: the views and analysis of Fundamental Research Corp are not those of Novra Group. Any questions and comments about their research should be directed to their contact.